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John Rigby- Art bloke, Signman and Campfire Cook

Starting in graphic design and signage production, John Rigby has forged a name for himself in the fields of lettering, sign design, film production, as well as prop, set design and the restoration and creation of both custom and heritage motor vehicles.

His expertise in the fields of signwriting, lettering and the arts is unquestionable and in recent years John has trained and assessed in these fields, currently offering training in a variety of skill sets and competencies associated with these crafts with the Sign and Graphics training business: LetterCraft.

His passion for brushwork and art has taken him on a journey he still travels today seeing John painting, exhibiting and exploring Australia for inspiration for his iconic Australian art themes.

John Rigby is an Australian artist and passionate when it comes to the Australian outdoors its landscape and its people. He has spent a lifetime exploring his way around the big brown land; painting, writing and even, as a singer songwriter, singing about the countries culture and themes in many of his own award-winning songs.

Interwoven with his travels have been his passion for campfire cooking which has led him on a path of discovery through the outback and bush exploring all aspects of outdoor and campfire cooking having travelled and camped his way around Australia since nineteen seventy in four wheel drives, campers and vans and, more recently, by motorhome.

John has honed his cooking styles and recipes as a cook on commercial camping tours and safaris as well as spending four years in central Australia as CEO of an indigenous corporation on a remote desert community in the Northern Territory and has gleaned much from aboriginal culture and cooking in the bush, at the same time training and guiding others in outback Campfire Cooking.

John has recently realized his ambition of completing the first edition of ‘Scrub Grub’, an outback campfire cooking book, devoted to some of his favorite recipes and created by his desire to share his love and passion for outback campfire cooking with others.

John Rigby
  • “Darc’y Doyle Art Awards” – Portrait Section, Gold Coast
  • “Rare Birds”, Araluen Arts Centre, Alice Springs
  • “Nostalgic Australia”, Bendigo Show / Swap Meet, Bendigo
  • “The Stockman”, Stockman’s Hall of Fame, Longreach Qld
  • “Gold Coast International Ceramic Awards” Invitational
  • Special Mention, final five
  • “Springbrook Art Show” Gold Coast Hinterland, Qld
  • Artist in residence, Visual Impact, Darling Harbour, Sydney
  • “Images of the Bush” Holbrook Galleries, Holbrook, NSW
  • Artist in residence, Visual Impact, Darling Harbour, Sydney
  • “Visual Impact Awards, Darling Harbour, Sydney (winner)
  • “The Big Brush“ Big Brush Gallery, Holbrook, NSW
  • “Artists of Industry” Petersham Town Hall, Sydney, NSW
  • “Australian Air Brush Awards”, Penrith Leagues Club, NSW (winner)
  • “Billy Tea” Artists of Outback Australia Exhibition, invitational, Winton, QLD
  • “Visual Impact Awards, Darling Harbour, Sydney (winner)
  • Artist in residence, Visual Impact, Darling Harbour, Sydney
  • “One Man, One Brush”, Shellharbour Workers Club, NSW
  • Artist in residence, Visual Impact, Darling Harbour, Sydney
  • Artist in residence, Visual Impact, Laver Centre, Melbourne
  • “Perisher Valley Mural”, Snowy Mountains, NSW
  • Visual Impact Awards, Darling Harbour, Sydney (winner)
  • “Italian Mural”, Shellharbour Workers Club, NSW
  • “Images & Icons”, International Art Gallery, Claremont, WA
  • “Scenes of Country”, Cool Room Gallery, Bunbury, WA
  • “Nostalgia”, Latchford Army Barracks Mural, Wodonga, Vic
  • Artist in residence, Visual Impact, Laver Centre, Melbourne
  • “One Year in the Bush”, Mangoplah Gallery, Wagga, NSW
  • “The Australian Image”, Gallery Gibraltar, Bowral, NSW
  • “Story of a Wool Shed”, The Woolshed, Holbrook, NSW
  • “Wollongong Hospital Mural”, Psychiatric Ward, NSW
  • “Looking through windows” The Trade Gallery, Woollongong
  • “Junee Art Awards, Junee Town Hall, Junee, NSW (winner)
  • “Hawkesbury River Watercolours”,Hawkesbury, NSW(winner)
  • “Australian Birds”, Tree Tops Gallery, Murwilumbah, NSW
  • “Folklore”, Sussex Inlet Hotel, Sussex Inlet, NSW
  • “Milton Historic Mural”, Milton, South Coast, NSW
  • “Back of Beyond” Bushfly Galleries, Townsville, North Qld
  • “Brush men of the Bush Invitational”, Kwinanis Exhibition, Town Hall, Sydney, Australia
John Rigby
Publications & Commissions
Australian Outback Australian Outback Feature Artist, 2000
Country Style Magazine Australian Artist Feature, 1999
VISA Magazine Outback Arts Feature, 2009
Week end Magazine Nostalgic Arts Feature, Perth Age, 1997
Sydney Morning Herald Living Dinosaur, Feature Article, 1996
The Chronicle Arts Feature, 2002
Art Throughout Australia Limited Edition Print Releases, 1995-1998
The Big Brush Pty. Ltd. Limited Edition Print Releases, 1997-2005
Allen’s Calendars Limited Edition Calendars, Sydney, 2001
Nu Line Cinemas Production Car for movie The Mask 2
Industry article for Sydney Morning Herald
Art of Surfing Limited Edition Print Release, Gold Coast, 2006
Print Release Art publication of Castlemaine, Victoria
Produces range of Rigby art as gift cards & posters, 2011 / 2012 / 2013
Nu Line Cinemas Creation of Movie Theme Car, budget $350,000.00
Australian Defense Force “Nostalgia Mural”, Latchford Army Barracks, Vic
Shell Harbor Workers “Italian Mural”, Shell harbor Workers Club, NSW
Wollongong Hospital “Wollongong Hospital Mural”, Psychiatric Ward, NSW
Milton Community “Milton Historic Mural”, Milton, South Coast, NSW
Perisher Children’s Facility “Perisher Valley Mural”, Snowy Mountains, NSW
John Rigby in Action

John in ActionCutting Masking
John in ActionDetailing
John in ActionFinished Product
John in ActionHand Mark Out and Stencil Cutting
John in ActionRemoving Tape
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